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Here Are Your Thanksgiving Week of Workouts


It’s here… Thanksgiving Week! Every year, I hear all those insane stats about how many calories the average American eats on Thanksgiving – it’s no wonder our collective waistlines are expanding. Often, just the anticipation of the calorie bomb that’s coming later this week is enough to cause anxiety. But if you’re already feeling panicky […]

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Finally, A Workout You Can Love


Rush rush rush! Every year, the holidays come roaring in and before we know it, they’re gone and we forgot to pause, smell the pumpkin pie, and give thanks for all we have. Instead, we spend weeks trying to keep up with all the baking and the shopping and the decorating…UGH! When is it time […]

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Try This ‘Go To’ Holiday Season Workout


Ah… the holidays are upon us. Those delightful 10 weeks of anxiety about your weight that can overshadow the joys of the season – but this year is different. For week 2 of the Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge I’ve come up with a workout – using minimal equipment and space – that’ll soon be […]

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7 Not So Scary Ways to Burn Off Halloween Candy


Let’s face it…when it comes to navigating the candy aisle at Halloween, it’s take no prisoners. So for Week 1 of the AcaciaTV Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge, you already know you’re gonna eat some candy. I say, just plan for it. Have a strategy that doesn’t involve feeling bad about yourself. You don’t need […]

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Move & Groove 10-Minute Halloween Dance Party Workout

5)	Don’t wait for miracles It’s so tempting to think, “Maybe this year the extra pounds won’t find me.” But that is wishful thinking.   Instead, be honest with yourself. (And the fact that you’re reading this and participating in our Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge tells me that this is going to be easy for you.) Every time you try saying, “It’s the holidays, whaddareyagonnado?” take it as a reminder to make time for an Acacia TV workout video, or to pick up a couple of healthy snacks on your next trip to the grocery store. Empower yourself by embracing reality.

You’ll have so much fun burning off those trick-or-treat calories with these wicked dance moves I’ve created especially for the occasion. Even if you’ve never so much as Monster Mashed or Creeped the Creep, you can totally pull off this fat burning workout like a boss. So come on and join me for this spooktacular […]

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How this Breast Cancer Warrior Uses Fitness to Fight Her Disease


This October has been a bit different for me. It’s the first year where someone very close to me has been affected by breast cancer. As this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to share her story with you. I first met my good friend Isaedmarie (Isa) Febo in the Spring of 2014. She […]

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Rock Your Abs With This ‘His and Hers’ Workout


Change is in the air, my friends. The days are getting shorter. The air is getting crisper. The trees are exploding with vibrant colors. The grocery store aisles are filing up with candy corn, pumpkin-flavored everything, and various other seasonal delights. Ahhhhhh Autumn. It’s my favorite season of all. But as soon as it arrives, […]

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Workout Less for Better Results


If you’re an AcaciaTV subscriber or a frequent reader of this blog, you’re one of the lucky ones who has access to all the tools you need to get fit – no matter your workout preferences and time or space constraints. 3 Instant Exercise Rut Busters The BOSU: How To Use That Half Ball Thingy […]

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This Ball Takes You From Great Workout to Grand Slam


That moment when the only exercise ball on the rack is one of those strange ones that doesn’t bounce and feels like it’s filled with Jell-O. Could it be some random escapee from the Island of Misfit Toys? Who knew it was possible to have a lazy exercise ball? Well, there goes your workout, right? […]

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Want a Great Workout? Take it Outside


Life’s too short to be bored with your workouts – spice up your daily run around the neighborhood by adding a body weight circuit. No equipment = No excuses! 3 Instant Exercise Rut Busters Need a Running Form Refresher? 5 Insider Tips for Using AcaciaTV  Here’s the deal. Warm up with 10 minutes of easy […]

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Sculpt Awesome Arms With Some Monkey-Bar Muscle Mayhem


At AcaciaTV we believe it’s totally possible to have mass quantities of fun while getting your workout on. Last week, I gave your lower body using only a playground swing to prove the point. Check out the Lower Body Playground Blast here. This week, I’m back to give you another reason to bust out of […]

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This Playground Workout Makes Glute Training Child’s Play


As kids, we used to spend large parts of our days just itching to get outside and run around. Recess was our workout and the playground was our gym. So what the heck happened? Somewhere between the mortgage, the commute, and the PTA meetings, fitness became cumbersome – yet another item on our already-overloaded to-do […]

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3 Instant Exercise Rut Busters


Stop me if this sounds familiar: You’ve been diligently putting in the miles, cranking out the reps with the fantastic AcaciaTV trainers, cruising along like a champ when “it” happens — the dreaded workout rut. Dun dun dun. If the thought of your impending workout makes your eyes glaze over, chances are you’re in The Rut. […]

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Try These 5 Easy Mini Bands Sculpt Moves


That moment you see a strange piece of equipment in the gym and wonder if it’s a torture device or some machinery you aren’t qualified to operate. Yeah…I’ve been there too. Introducing the mini band. It looks like a  massive rubber band or perhaps an odd slingshot of some sort. I know you’ve seen them lying around […]

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Fix Common Running Mistakes Like Sassy Booty, Chicken Wings


“Running Sucks!” I hear this all the time. In a past life, I often said it myself. Actually for most of my life, running was a punishment. Miss a play, run a lap. Let the ball drop, run suicides. Awful. Just awful. Then I fell in love with running and eventually became a running coach. Now, […]

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Real Talk About the Post Pregnancy Body Bounce Back


AcaciaTV has a ton of fabulous workouts, motivational guidance, and trainer tips to help new moms get back into shape. But we get that it can be tricky to figure out how to best use all of these awesome tools, especially when you’ve got your hands full with a newborn. We also know that some […]

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4 Things Arm Balances Have Taught Me About Life


My arm balance practice has been picking up ton of steam over the past few months and lately I’ve been practicing them pretty much daily. It all started innocently enough back in January with a desire to get into Scorpion Pose without any assistance someday. I began this journey in a time of great transition […]

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The BOSU: How To Use That Half Ball Thingy


That moment you see a strange piece of equipment in the gym and wonder if it’s a torture device or some machinery you aren’t qualified to operate. Yeah…I’ve been there too. Well I say, no more intimidation. No more avoiding that oddly shaped workout contraption or gadget. No more fear of using it wrong.  I’m […]

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Fit Bottomed Mama Shares Her Secrets for an Active Pregnancy


Recently, I had the incredible privilege of interviewing of one of the greats in the world of fitness blogging and one of my personal fitspirations, Jennipher Walters, CEO and co-founder of the websites,, and and author of the book by Random House, The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet. In case you’re not sufficiently impressed by those creds, […]

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Workout Shoes: Finding Your Sole Mate


I have a few pet peeves when it comes to shoes and feet. Top of the list is people who drag their feet when walking (swish, swish, swish…), followed closely by flip flops (don’t get me started…) Rounding out the top three is people who work out in the wrong shoes for what they’re doing. […]

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5 Moves For a Sexy, Rock-Solid Core


Your core’s primary function is not to just look nice in a bikini. While I certainly understand why that may be your main focus and motivation over the next three months, your core has some pretty important jobs to do the other nine months of the year as well — like making it possible for […]

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3 Easy Steps For Testing Core and Ab Strength


Raise your hand if you love to work your core. Raise your hand if you know what “core” really means. Uh huh…that’s what I thought. It’s such a nebulous term, isn’t it? I mean, what am I? An apple? A planet? A few years back, core became a a fitness buzz-word and it’s been thrown […]

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Problems on the Path to Fitness Problem #3: Working Out with Bling


People can be funny when it comes to working out with jewelry (“bling”) on but sometimes it makes me cringe, seeing visions of Final Destination-style freak accidents happening which involve someone losing a finger or worse. I have one athlete who wears large diamond earrings when she runs a race because “they make [her] faster.” […]

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Weekly Challenge – Up Them Weights!!

Weekly Challenge

So I’ve been on a bit of a strength training kick lately, spreading the good word about all the awesome benefits people miss when they don’t include it in their routine regularly (read all about my real-life/no-BS reasons for swinging to the other side in the latest installment of my AcaciaTV Fit Blog HERE). Last […]

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The Great Cardio Debate — Part 4: Bringing It All Together


So now that we’ve explored to two sides of cardio, it’s time to bring this cardio debate full circle and talk about what we’ve learned. I know you’re all dying to know whether you should be spending your time doing HIIT or steady state cardio, right? But why pick just one when you can have […]

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Weekly Challenge- 450 Mountain Climbers

Weekly Challenge

Hey hey!! It’s a brand-spankin’ new week and you know what that means…yep, time for a brand-spankin’ new FIT/MO Challenge!! This one is very simple (notice I said “simple” NOT “easy”). We’re gonna do a few Mountain Climbers this week. Well, more than a few…we’re gonna do 450 Mountain Climbers this week  WHAT?!?!?! Coach Alison has lost […]

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The Great Cardio Debate — Part 3: The Case for Steady State Cardio

Amanda Young

In my previous post, I presented the pros and cons of interval training and now it’s time to examine the other- decidedly less glamorous- side of cardiovascular training…steady state cardio. Doesn’t sound nearly as fancy as “high intensity interval training”, does it?? While the name makes it sound like a snooze-fest, this is where modern […]

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The Great Cardio Debate – Part 2: The Case for Interval Training


Welcome back! If you haven’t read The Great Cardio Debate – Part 1: Is Cardio Really King?? check that out, too! It hasn’t always been this way but when most people think of cardio now, they immediately think of interval training, also known as metabolic conditioning or high intensity interval training (HIIT). Interval training is […]

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The Great Cardio Debate – Part 1: Is Cardio Really King??

Coach Alison at a race

A few weeks ago, in my blog post titled Can You Tell Me How to Get to Awesome Street?, I provided a basic framework with four essential elements necessary to build a solid, well-rounded fitness program. Essential Component #1 is cardio and unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock since the mid-80s, you probably already […]

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Can You Tell Me How to Get to Awesome Street?: How to Build a Solid, Well-Rounded Fitness Program

Alison in cobra

I left you hanging again last post, didn’t I? Now that you’ve got your mind right and are feeling all this motivation to make things happen, it’s time to build the program or workout routine that’ll be the vehicle to get you to your goals. Okay, what exactly is involved in a good fitness program? […]

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Motivation for the Masses, Part 2 of 2: Five Nuggets of Knowledge

Coach Alison on the yoga mat!

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (cue drum roll): the conclusion of my Motivation for the Masses post… I have spent the better part of my life whole-heartedly believing that I belonged in the “motivationally-challenged” bucket. I, like many people, thought that I was doomed to always be uninspired and disinterested […]

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Maybe the Problem Isn’t You: A Quick & Dirty Guide to Setting Attainable Goals


Recently, someone said to me “I don’t set goals because it just sets me up for failure.” I’m a huge fan of goals and find tremendous value in them, so this statement really got me thinking. On one hand, I suppose there’s some logic here- I mean, you can’t really get off-track if you were […]

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Motivation for the Masses Part 1 of 2: Goals, CHECK! Plan, CHECK! Now What?!?!?!


If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you already know how to (and hopefully have) made some commitments to yourself this year and used my “Super-Secret Four-Step Process for Setting Awesome Goals” to put yourself on the path to honoring those commitments. If you’ve been following along and checked off those boxes already, congratulations, you’ve […]

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Welcome to 2015: You Are Now Entering A Resolution-Free Zone


It’s that time of the year again where all anyone can talk about is New Years’ Resolutions. (Hang in there folks, it typically only lasts about 12-14 days. It’ll all be over soon, I promise.) Even though I’m a HUGE fan of setting goals, I’m absolutely not the resolution-making type. In fact, I don’t even […]

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I’m Sorry, What Did You Just Call Me? (An Introduction to Coach Alison)


Hi everyone! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself since you’ll be hearing from me with some frequency going forward. I’m Coach Alison and my primary role here is to provide you with three things: motivation, encouragement, and inspiration. I’m a very enthusiastic and passionate fitness trainer and coach (to put it mildly) […]

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